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Black Grapes

Black Grapes is originated from Iran. now a days Black Grapes can grow many countries. In India it grow in Maharashtra,Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Scientific botanical name of grape is genus vitis.

  • Vitamins, minerals and otehr
  • Vitamin B6, C, B1(thiamine), vitamin K, phosphorus, iron.

Benifit of Black Grapes:

Black Grapes is beneficial for diabetic patents.

alycemic inded (ai index) of Black Grapes is very low so it is beneficial to control irsulin level.

phytochemicals of Black Grapes help to prevent from heart related daises.

Grapes juice prevent from asthama.

Copper, iron, magnesium of grapes juice help to make and build strong bones.

iron of black grape juice.

Vitamin C1 of grape juice also help to improve immunity power prevent from ancmia.

due to various minerals, Vitamins and other useful nutriants of grape help to prevent from various dises like.
Alzheimer, breast cancer, high cholesterol, kidney disarder, tatigue.

Season for Black Grapes juice
Generally, grape grow in summer black is more suitable for growing grapes.

Extract of Black Grapes juice:

1) Wash 250 grams of Black Grapes.

2) Add 20 ml of rinking water into jar of kitch mixture/juicer.

3) Add washed Black Grapes into jar.

4) Rotate mixture juicer on moderate speed for one and half Minuit.

5) Stain the juicer and add salt and sugar as per your taste and doctor’s suggestion.

Enjoy your glass of juice.


Above all information is just for your knowledge.if your doctor suggest to take medicine by recing above of any juice please consult your doctor.



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